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299 Web marketing supports the creation of engaging and attractive 2D animation presentations of your company in order to boost audience appreciation. We are highly reliable 2D animation service provider and provide an intuitive design, a combination of media convergence and interactivity that offer you the best way to put forward your message. At 299 Web Marketing, we have occupied with the latest gadgets and software, and offer with the professional support network that helps in recording of sounds, digital editing, sound mixing and packaging. We provide the best audio visual solution that facilitates you to communicate with audiences and achieve the desired target. 2D Animation is also known as a classic animation which is similar to the hand drawn animation. 2D animation, a traditional animation has the potential to draw complex interpolated movements. At 299webmarketing, we utilize the complex techniques and latest tools and software to deliver the best 2D animation services. 2D animation is the oldest yet most popular type of animation where the animation is designed by the animator that creates an ongoing effect. We Serve Customized 2D Animation Services At 299WebMarketing, we have a team of expert animators capable of offering a wide range of 2D animation services. We offer 2D animation services that offer benefit of high-quality solution at a cost-effective price. We have a highly-skilled team of animators providing the world class animation services to our clients. The 2D animation team at 299 Web Marketing is not only experienced in providing 2D animation services, but they also have a wide knowledge about latest technologies, which help them to create a solution for e-learning courses, logo designs, corporate presentations, games, online banners, and much more. Latest Technology to Provide Innovative Design and Layout While creating a 2D animation, we firstly design or edit the figures using the bitmap graphics or 2D vector graphics. Our animation creators are capable of using latest animation techniques such as tweening, morphing, interpolated rotoscoping and many others, which allows designing high quality 2D images. At 299 Web Marketing, we ensure the innovative solutions that show the crispness and creativeness of the work. We believe in making and maintaining long term relationship with our clients and make sure each of our work leaves upto our client’s expectations. Our 2D Animation Process

Our animators start by understanding your initial concept and script and detail out a basic sketch of characters and sequence.

Next, our animators draw/design layouts from storyboards which define the action and perspective in each scene.

Once the script and basic character is identified, our animators develop a full storyboard keeping in mind the pre-agreed concept. The storyboard will provide insight into the production layout, character design, flow of the story, etc.

Our competent animators at 299webmarketing.com use ‘animatics’ to take individual images (obtained through storyboards), and add a sense of dynamism to them so as to make them come ‘alive’! Later they add them to a movie file with acoustic effects.

The animation team then develops key frames to define which movements the viewers will see as well as the timing of the movements.

After the key frames are developed, our animators take the animation to the final drawings that one sees in the finished film with the clean-up process.

In this step, our animators form skeletons by creating a series of bones that deform and animate specific parts of the character.

Next, our animators compose and edit various scenes of the story.

Our animators then integrate voice, music, and special effects to make the animation appealing and attractive.

Finally, a 2D model is generated to bring the animation to life.

At 299webmarketing, we design an impressive 2D animation that allows you to directly connect with the emotions of your target audience. We offer the ultimate combination of deliberate planning and excellent visualization. We create an animation that helps promote your brand so impressively and make it noticeable for your targeted audience. Our team of talented and creative professionals with years of experience can flawlessly create animations for your business.

Our team at 299 Web Marketing concentrates on the designing highly effective, reliable and creative animation solution. We put our best effort throughout the process of designing animated video, starting from the first stage of visualization till the last stage of creation 2D animated movie. When it comes to animation, we bring all thoughts and imagination into reality and 299webmarketing is known for taking up new challenges.

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