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Whiteboard Animation

A study shows, an average human attention span is just 8.5secs. With people glued to their screens all the time, no one is interested in just listing or just reading. The instance they start listening audios or start reading, their inner clock starts ticking. In simple psychology within 30secs they will completely shut you down. Although communication is a process practiced by each and every living thing present on this earth but only mastered by the Humans. So, the masters are continuously in search of new ways to communicate fast and easy. Despite attaining new ideas daily, animation and animated videos have always been an interesting ways of mixing complex messages and images to convey and make the messages memorable. It’s a fact that the combination of two images and voice can last longer in your memory. One of such ways is whiteboard animation. It is the simplest and cheapest way nowadays catching the eyes of the viewers.

A white board animation is a extend type of animation in which you convey your message by using simple sketches in stop motion form and voiceovers. Whiteboard animation is a tool of change in the new era of marketing. It is currently the best format of spreading your words. It can communicate the values of the product or services to the viewer in an uncomplicated way. And you will be taken aback by the speed and convincing power of whiteboard animation videos. Moreover, animated videos are skyrocketing in the business marketing world!

Why us?

Truth to be told, there are thousands of animation companies available over net to provide you with the facility. But what makes us different? The answer is the way we present. We not only create a video for you we take the viewer through an entire journey in the video compelling them to wait till the conclusion. Conclusion is where your product or services come to play. Not to mention, people are more incline to act after watching a video of a product or services with ‘what’s next?’ in their mind then just a tedious presentation. We explain your business simply and effectively. And in addition there is a great difference a Pro can make to your project. Our team of whiteboard animation pros will always be there to make the difference. Furthermore our aim is to give you and your viewers an everlasting impression. Just make a smart choice and get in touch with 299webmarketing team of pros.